A new revenue stream

Tap into the alternative mobile app monetisation economy.

All digital monetisation solutions are powered by data, not least advertising. Our monetisation offering is based on data too, but in a non-personal way that helps market researchers and businesses better understand their customers and operating environments.

Our revenue offering can be used to supplement your existing revenue channels. It doesn’t compete for traffic or impressions and we don’t require exclusivity.

Data we monetise is used in a non-personal way for market research and business planning. We don’t use it for re-targeting or personalising content.

How it works

Our ad-free monetisation platform workflow will be familiar to those who have worked with native mobile ad-networks, except that in our case, there is no advertising, re-targeting or anything related to that. It’s the most privacy aware and ethical monetisation practise that exists.

CPM revenue

We offer fixed fees per-1,000 monthly users depending on where they are located. It's transparent and uncomplicated.

Monthly payments

Each month we count the number of devices that have submitted data from your API key and use that to calculate your revenue.

Global demand

We monetise data from all countries around the world - and where demand is higher, we are able to offer higher rates.

Easy integration

We automatically generate bespoke code snippets to help you integrate the SDK in minutes. Just copy, paste, build and run.

GDPR compliant

We provide you with an approved clause to insert into your existing app T&Cs to present to the user before they use your app.

Ultra low power

Our engineers have invested heavily in efficient power usage. The SDK uses less than 1% of device power per week.

Automatic reporting

At or just after the end of each month, your earnings are published in your console and we'll send you an email too.

Trusted technology

Our platform and SDK technology has been trusted by thousands of apps for the 4+ years that our platform has been available.

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Ad-free app revenue

Monetise your apps with our alt-monetisation app partner network.

Revenata offers a game-changing way to monetise your mobile apps and support your mobile app business. Our embedded technology turns your app into a valuable source of anonymised market data, producing revenue to boost yields.

By monetising with us, you’ll reduce your reliance on ads for revenue and the disruption they bring to your UI. Get happy users and better reviews.

We offer revenue in fixed per-1,000 monthly user units. No revenue share, no seasonality and nothing complicated – just reliable revenue.